Episode 3: The appraiser

John Nye of Nye and Company took time out of his busy day trip to Clinton to sit down and chat with John and Tim. (He came into this interview literally out of breath and sweaty, a true a champ.)

Along with an impressive, ongoing run on PBS's "Antiques Roadshow," Nye has a long history in the area. He is a graduate of Hamilton College and has owned and operated Harding Farm for generations. This conversation, though, stuck mostly to his profession, which is truly fascinating. 

Note: Please excuse the audio quality here. This interview was recorded in an echoey studio at the Kirkland Art Center while someone was mowing the lawn outside the window. We made do. Certain sections are a little rough around the edges, though.

Episode 2: The art director

During a semi-regular trip upstate from the Hudson Valley region, Kris Konyak, stopped by the Trading Post for some breezy conversation with the gang. John, Tim and Emily—John's wife and the publisher of The Clinton Courier—sat in for this full panel of chatter, quite possibly the liveliest conversation in the first few months of recording these talks. 

Aside from being the art director for two opera houses that don't actually host opera, Kris is an old friend and probably the closest thing to a free spirit that you'll find in the modern age. His relationship with John stretches back to their high school years, when their days were preoccupied with skateboarding through the streets of Utica and causing a ruckus. Along with Tim, Kris even made an appearance in John and Emily's wedding party.

The group's chemistry and background offered some hearty back-and-forth. It was just the break John and Emily needed in the hours before the deadline of their first edition of the newspaper. There were also a few Liza Minnelli and bagged water jokes, too. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Episode 1: The painter, the podcaster and the Easter Bunny

St. Porcupine

St. Porcupine

While sipping on the cheapest bottle of champagne they could find at the village liquor store, John, Tim and Nick sat down for the first ever episode of St. Porcupine's Trading Post, a show dedicated to hearing stories from the interesting folks who wander in from off the trail.

This episode dates back to a brisk and late night in March, when snow was still falling and the ground was still thawing. In the background, you can here the scrape of a snowplow passing by as the group huddles around a table in the upstairs of Tarat Studio. Discussion wanders from mountain climbing, to scenic railroads, to how cool everyone's voices sound in their headphones.